Tuesday, May 13, 2014


At the end of April I traveled to the mountains of Northern Arizona to take part in the week long Holy Yoga New Instructor Intensive Retreat.  I was there to complete my own Holy Yoga leadership training program called T3 (Train The Trainer).  My role was to lead a small group of new instructors and to help serve and support the new instructors as they completed their training.

I love retreats, I always have because I usually meet God and I see how He meets and changes me and others.  I came to the Holy Yoga retreat knowing how powerful and life changing this could be.

Well God did meet me.  He brought freedom from the identities and truths that I have built around myself.  He helped me see my real identity, the Truth that God sees and know me to be.  I experienced His presence.

On that Thursday, the weather was beautiful (especially after a hard long Minnesota winter) and I found a spot in the grass in the lawn outside the house my T3 team was staying in.  I was spending time with the T3 devotional that we praying through during the retreat.  The devotional simply asked us to be still and just let God speak.

I laid there thinking OK but I was not sure if God would speak or what would happen.  I was open though.  I tried to be quiet.  The word warmth came to mind.  I wrote in my journal.  God did the rest.  I wrote and cried.  God was opening the veil and letting me know His presence.  This what He spoke to my heart.  I hope it touches you as much as it touched me.

Feel the warmth on you.  Feel the sun.
Hear the wind in the pine trees.
The soft grass, green and fresh.
The smells of spring, growth.
Even the bug on your paper.

This is my presence.  This is ME.
See I am all around.

I AM the sun and the warmth on your back.  I AM comforting you.  Holding you to Myself.  Close, secure, protected.  

I AM the wind you hear.  My breath moving, stirring.  Breathing life in you.  Strengthening you.  Notice the trees the winds blowing through.  Straight and tall.  Moving in the wind but strong.  This is you with my breath.  

I AM the color and the softness of the grass.  A carpet to walk on, lay on.  Growth coming from the ground.  Stand on this soft ground and grow with my love.

I am the smells you smell in the air.  New, earthy, fresh and clean.  Inhale my presence and love and know that even when life is not fresh and clean, you have this fresh presence. in you.  

I AM even the little bug you see walking and tickling your arm.  I AM letting you know I AM here.

I AM in you - FULLY.  Not just a little or sometimes.  Fully and always.  You are my creation, my beauty.  You are beautiful in my eyes.  Nothing can change this fact.  I LOVE YOU - FULLY - PERIOD.  

So like the bug or sun's warmth or smells, you are a sign of my presence to others.  Let them see you so they can see me.  This is my presence.  

Until next time friends.  Peace and love.   

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I was reading and mediating on John 21-20 - 25 MSG.

I can just picture it.  Jesus is resurrected and walking with His followers down a dusty road.  Peter is the crowd.  I can see him run up to Jesus and being impulsive and possibly a busy body, asks Jesus what is to become of John.

Why is he so curious?  Is he envious of John and his relationship with Jesus and Mary and the role he is to play?  Is Peter worried about John?  Maybe he thinks John is not strong enough for the tasks ahead.  He worries about his safety.  Possibly worried he may be easy prey for the authorities.

Anyway, he asks Jesus what will happen to John.  I like Jesus' reply -  Don't worry about it.  I will take care of John.  He is not your worry.  Peter, you focus on your own Journey with me.  Don't concern yourself with my plan for others.  Just follow me.  BAM!!    

How many times have I been worried about someone else.  Are they measuring up?  Why is God doing this or that with them?  Are they better than me?  Maybe I really need to ask, where is Jesus in my life?  What is he doing and am I open to Him?  Am I following Him or being distracted?

My eyes are not always focused on Him.  Sometimes it seems more often than not I am not focused.  I have been loving and following Jesus for most of my life but I so easily wander or get preoccupied with something or someone else.  "Fix your eyes on Jesus"  the song goes.

I so often see others who seem to have it together.  Great faith and love for God, know scripture well, seem to be in relationship with God.  I judge myself and compare.  I think I am not where I think I should be or good enough.  God says stop it!  You are my son, friend and love.  I love you for who your are despite your insecurities, doubts, messes.  Keep your eyes on Me.  Do not strive to be someone you are not.  Just follow me and let me love you.  WOW!!  Thank you Jesus for this Journey.

Also while reading this passage from John, I also was struck by John saying how much more he could have written about Jesus' life.  Volumes.  I have never noticed this before.  I am so curious what else John would have written.  The Gospels are already so full of beautiful stories of Jesus' life.

What stories can we add?  Are we eager to share with our families, friends, co-workers or in our yoga class?

It is hard.  I totally understand.  We get fearful of the reaction of others.  But why?  what if people do judge us as weird, freaks, or religious nuts.  So what!  Maybe there is someone who needs to hear  that story of God in your life.

Last week I was at the Spring Holy Yoga retreat in Arizona.  My life was changed.  I experienced God's love and freedom in a profound way.  I will not be the same.  I really want to share what God did in my life and the other Holy Yoga instructors at the retreat.  But to be honest, in my weakness, I am a bit hesitant or fearful at times, depending on my audience.  I choose not to be hesitant and fearful, but to be courageous and brave because Jesus is at my side.

Just think of the additional volumes of stories that we could add to John's.

Until next time friends,  PEACE AND LOVE.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Unexpected Start

God said, “My presence will go with you. I’ll see the journey to the end.”  Exodus 33:14  (MSG)

Have you ever felt nudged down a path that you never expected to travel?  That is where I find myself.  I am being led to try something that I thought I would never do.  Led to something I am not even sure I will good at and that makes me a bit uncomfortable, but sometimes you need to take the first step.  

So here I am, sharing this blog with you, my friends.  Putting it out there.  I am not always very good at hearing or listening to God when he moves in my life.  I really try to, but more often than not I miss the prompts and hints or I am plain just not listening.  My God-radar is turned off.  

This is different.  Last week I went on a retreat in Arizona to help new Holy Yoga instructors complete their training.  During this retreat God must have decided to pull out the megaphone to get my attention.  This has continued since I returned home.  One thing I feel He is moving me to do is to create this blog.  

What??  You have to be kidding.

I have several friends who have created blogs and they are very good at putting their thoughts on paper and on the "cloud".  I thought that it would never be something I would want to do or that I would even be good at.  I do not consider myself a writer.  I am not a "wordsmith" (Oh nice word.  Maybe am a little bit of a wordsmith, but I digress).  Will anyone be interested in my thoughts?  So why a blog?     

Well, when God says move, you need to move, even if it seems to not make sense.  He has put this on my heart, so here we go with this blog.

In this blog I wish to share my thoughts and experiences and how life intersects with my faith and walk with God.  I hope to share what I am seeing, learning and experiencing as I live a life as a husband, father, Holy Yoga instructor, distance runner, co-worker and a leader in a beautiful church community called Awaken Community.  I believe in being authentic and open with my life and who I am.  

So, lets sit back to see where this Journey takes us.  I will submit these blogs as often as possible.  It is my hope they they touch you and speak to you.  Your comments are certainly welcome.  

Until the next time we meet, Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Love.